•       We are a consulting company and not only a staffing agency.
Most of our consultants are permanent employees. We assign
them to projects which fully utilize their skills and build upon
their interests and  career objectives. This way we leverage on
our biggest asset, our people, to provide timely and cost
effective services to you.

•        We guarantee the quality of our consultants. All our
consultants are highly trained and experienced professionals,
with typically at least four to five years of experience in their
core areas in addition to having superior academic
backgrounds. All consultants have at least BS or MS degree. But
above all this, they are screened extensively by us before being
hired, so that our clients have the best of IT talent.

•        Your needs become our goal, and we know how to
understand them. One of the primary roles of the account
manager is to anticipate upcoming client projects via extensive
customer contact. Through this process of preempting client
needs, we are able and prepared to services our clients for
upcoming projects and new implementations. We take the time
up front to learn about our clients, their work their technological
infrastructures, and their environment.